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Gravity for Particles

Jul 25, 2012 at 4:37 AM

I have been using this particle engine for a while, finding it to have all the abilities that i needed (until recently) and was very simple to use.

However, I recently found a feature that would be nice to have; gravity on the particles!

I was trying to make some particles that would fly into the air, and then be acted on by gravity and return to the ground, and found it not currently possible. Also applications would be a water fountain.

Probably would be set up like this:

emiter.Gravity = new Gravity(enabled?,amount?(y change every frame),ground?(y coord of ground);


Also, a minor update, that, if something like .RotationSpeed was unspecifed (null), it would default to 0 instead of giving an error, would be nice.

btw thx for the particle engine!